Guys! We love females, don’t we? We love being with them, flirting with them, kissing them and of course, we want to get them into bed. That’s right – we often end up being bewitched, but also bothered and bewildered by females. At times, the relationship between us males and the females in our lives can be fraught, frustrating and even end up in a fight such that we end up harassed, exasperated, nagged and sometimes just downright angry at the so-called ‘gentler’ sex. Sometimes, the females in our lives become like sneaky snoopers – checking messages on our mobiles for example, or they draw us into the quagmire of the emotional realm as opposed to the relative clarity of the realm of thought that many of us are more used to. Females may start to become insistent, persistent and niggling – behaving like a dog with bone that they will not let go of. They often come across to us guys as patronizing or condescending – such that they end up telling us what we ‘should’, ‘ought’ and ‘must’ be doing, as if we are like naughty little boys. It seems as though they want to contain and control us or even want to make us in their own image until suddenly we find ourselves emasculated.

If these sorts of themes are resonating with you, then it is time for you to rescue yourself – with a little bit of help.

Most of the relationship guidance offered in this area is given by women – so the situation is often not improved – not for us males at least. Rather we may be drawn further into a female trap.

Time then for something to written by men, for men on this theme. It is time for us males to get the insight that we need to stay one up with the females in our lives and to reclaim control and mastery. No matter how young or old you are – it is time to get ahead of the game!

The posts on this blog can be read on their own but they also support, amplify and enhance the material that can be found in two books – ‘Staying in top of your woman’ and ‘How to be a man and attract women’. Both are available on Amazon as paperbacks or for the Kindle Reader and App.


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