The ‘Princess’ syndrome

Moody little girl wearing princess tiara feeling angry and unsatisfied

Do you sometimes call the female in your life ‘Princess’, or ‘My Princess’? Then stop it immediately!!! What on earth are you doing? You may think that you are conveying to her how ‘special’ she is to you but I’ll tell you what you are doing – you are creating trouble for yourself!!! When you call your girlfriend or wife ‘my Princess’ you are immediately placing yourself one down. The score is 1 – 0 to her. It’s an own goal!

For ‘Princess’ read ‘spoiled brat’. The ‘Princess’ is the little child who wants all her own way – she thinks that she is worth it – she thinks she deserves all her own way as a right. This is related to the idea of chivalry – you think that by calling her a ‘Princess’ you are demonstrating your chivalry, that you are her ‘knight in shining armor’. Come here son, let me slap your face! Good ol’ Sir Walter Raleigh placed his coat over the puddle for Queen Elizabeth to walk on – if you keep acting in this chivalrous manner to your ‘princess’ then you will end up not just with mud on your coat but on your face as well! The principle of chivalry is that SHE HAS TO EARN IT!!!!

When you call your girlfriend or wife your ‘Princess’ you are reinforcing the idea in her head that she has the right to special, privileged treatment all the time, and when she doesn’t get it, out come the peevish, spoiled, temper tantrums of the ‘little girl’ who wants to rule the roost – and your life. Take a look at the photo above – Have you seen that expression on your partner’s face? If you have and you have tried to appease her then there you are – one down!

Your aim is always to be one up – If you are not one up then you are one down! By calling her a ‘Princess’ you are putting YOURSELF one down, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, others may have got there before you – doting fathers who have called their little girl a ‘Princess’ for all of their lives. So much so that the female actually believes that this is their role when it comes to relationships. So, get a grip and check out our books to discover how to deal with the ‘princess syndrome’. Remember – you are not a ‘Prince’ – you are ‘King’ of your own domain!!!


About Robert Laynton

Robert Laynton likes photography, walking, jazz, reading American Crime Fiction from the 40's, 50's and 60's and vintage comics. He enjoys watching classic films, especially film noir. He lives in England.
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