About the authors

Thomas Katt Esq. and Robert Laynton are a couple of older guys who live in the U. K.


Rob has degree and post graduate qualifications in Psychology and Counseling and he is the one who has written the text. Although Rob has also written books on theology, these two books are non-religious books that consist of plain, common-sense recommendations based most particularly on two psychology theories: Transactional Analysis and Learning Theory. Nevertheless, these books are written in a popular, humorous style for  everyday guys, rather like the posts on this blog. Rob is currently enjoying retirement after working in the pottery industry and retail.

You can check out his ‘Author page’ at: https://robertlaynton.wordpress.com/

Thomas Katt Esq. is also University educated and has provided the inspiration for these two books. He has contributed many of the anecdotes,  examples, humor and successful practical strategies that are found in their pages. He continues to work in retail.

The concepts presented in these books have been drawn from years of experience and education and they have been effectively and successfully tested ‘in the field’ of dating, male/female partnerships and marriage. In the two or three years since these books have been written, the authors have found no need to change the concepts that are put forward in their pages and indeed, a number of friends have benefited from applying the recommendations that are proposed.