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A full outline of how to be one up in the battle of the sexes. Themes include: Male and female differences; A psychological model of relationships; Strategies and tactics; How to stay one up. Politically incorrect and full of everyday examples and illustrations, this is is a book to entertain, inform and put you on the right track! And let’s get this straight immediately – this new second edition has not changed or removed anything from the first edition. The recommendations and insights stand the test of time. The second edition is simply bigger, with more everyday examples illustrating relationship situations, and also has an index for easy reference.

Available from Amazon in paperback, for Kindle Readers and the Kindle App on your phone or Tablet. 374 pages


COVER - How to be a man

If you think that ‘being a man’ means knowing how to kill a Polar bear using just a piece of wood and a paper clip then you need to shatter these illusions and read this groundbreaking book which shows males how to become ‘Classical Men’ and as a result, attract women.

Using humor, political incorrectness, real life examples and psychology theory, Robert Laynton draws up a fifteen point Male Manifesto to help you to turn yourself from a boy into a man who attracts women. He offers proven, field-tested practical strategies which you can adopt to help maintain your individuality, independence and integrity in your relationships with the opposite sex. Themes covered include: Self-acceptance and self-respect; Getting dates with women; Dealing with women’s tests; Decisiveness and Leadership; Roguishness and Risk-Taking; Passion and Self-Presentation.

Available from Amazon in paperback and also for Kindle Readers and the Kindle App on your phone or Tablet. 367 pages.


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