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The ‘Princess’ syndrome

Do you sometimes call the female in your life ‘Princess’, or ‘My Princess’? Then stop it immediately!!! What on earth are you doing? You may think that you are conveying to her how ‘special’ she is to you but I’ll … Continue reading

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Inquire Within (1) Should I pay for the meal?

Females have fought hard for equality and they should have it – and that means paying half towards the meal. Why on earth in the twenty first century is she expecting the male to pay? Continue reading

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Always doing as you are told?

Do you sometimes feel as though you are at her beck and call? ‘Do this, pass me that, go and do the other’? Here is a little power play that you can try. If she asks you to hand her … Continue reading

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Chivalry and pressing home the advantage

Chivalry – the curse of the male when it comes to dealing with females. Many females say that they like a man to chivalrous – of course they do! But men, you should remember that females have to earn chivalry … Continue reading

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Male exemplars in the movies: Sugar Daddy and Protector

Used sparingly, the ‘Sugar Daddy’ role can be used to great effect. Used too often and the male is in effect buying the company, loyalty and so on of the female. Used to excess, the male is placing the female into a dependent [Child] position by the fact that he constantly adopts a [Parent] superior orientation in relation to her. When taken to excess, he not only buys her loyalty and dependency, but he also robs her of her choices.

In this clip we see a great example of a more beneficent and appropriate ‘Sugar Daddy’
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Do women prefer gentlemen?

Is it true to say that women prefer to date a man who is a gentleman? You know – a man who opens doors for females, who offers his seat to females on a crowded bus or train and so … Continue reading

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