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The ‘Princess’ syndrome

Do you sometimes call the female in your life ‘Princess’, or ‘My Princess’? Then stop it immediately!!! What on earth are you doing? You may think that you are conveying to her how ‘special’ she is to you but I’ll … Continue reading

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Inquire Within (1) Should I pay for the meal?

Females have fought hard for equality and they should have it – and that means paying half towards the meal. Why on earth in the twenty first century is she expecting the male to pay? Continue reading

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Male exemplars in the movies: The devilish rogue

Here is a scene between Gable as the roguish Rhett Butler and Leigh as the feisty O’Hara from ‘Gone with the Wind’. I strongly recommend Margaret Mitchell’s book to all guys out there. The dynamic between different types of males and females is well explored and there are many lessons that guys can learn. Gone with the wind is set in the period of the American Civil War in the 1860’s.
Gable’s character has just returned from Paris and he has bought Leigh’s character the gift of a bonnet – the very latest in Paris fashion. Gable adopts a Parent orientation to Leigh’s female Child. Gable’s character is passionate, mature, devilish and worldly-wise. Leigh’s character is feisty, fiery, full of energy and so on. She is the little princess who every man wants to be with. Continue reading

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The ‘Little princess’ syndrome

Is your female partner or girlfriend suffering from the ‘Little Princess’ syndrome? You know – she wants to be the prettiest, most attractive girl in the room – in the building – in the world – and she wants to have ALL the attention such that everything revolves around her. Does she exhibit sulks, pouts and tantrums when she does not get her own way? Or if you do not buy her presents? How on earth is a guy supposed to deal with such a woman? Continue reading

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